Three Steps For Beating The Blue Monday Blues!

Three Steps For Beating The Blue Monday Blues!

Jan 14 , 2022

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Monday 17th January is said to be the most depressing day of the year. But why? Failing new year resolutions, low motivation, bad weather and payday feeling like a lifetime away.

At Collins, we are here to help you overcome these Monday blues and give you some tips in hope that you can face the day ahead with positive intentions.

Step 1 – Take Time For Yourself

Taking time for yourself is extremely important for your mental health. Whether that be going a walk, going to the gym, reading a book. All these things can help to stimulate your brain and improve your daily mood. It all sounds so simple right? But it really is, studies show that doing things you enjoy can really improve your mental health. Overall try adding one thing a day to your daily routine and see the long-term positive results that this can have. Why not try our Daily Planner to help you plan out how you will make these changes to your everyday routine?

Step 2 – Self Care

Self-Care is considered different for everyone; the main objective is to look after yourself mentally and physically. Going into a new year there is a massive pressure for “a new year, new me” mindset, which a lot of the time can be forgotten about within the first few weeks in January. When it comes to self-care this doesn’t have to be considered as a huge commitment but more of the small things that make you feel good. The benefits of self-care are endless but overall, making time to look after yourself can improve your whole wellbeing and mindset. To keep track of your self-care progress, why not check out our range of diaries to get you started.

Step 3 – Journaling

Whether you are dealing with being overwhelmed, depression, anxiety or any sort of illness, journaling is a great way of getting those thoughts and frustrations out on paper. Journaling can be hard at first to get into but even writing down once or twice a week can be a start in improving your mental state. Studies have shown that writing about a difficult time or situation can create awareness in your brain to help you understand it better. Start your journaling journey with a Collins Notebook.

Once you have chosen the perfect new diary or notebook, all you need is a pen and a quiet relaxed space to get started.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or struggling with depression you can call MIND on 0330 123 3393 or text 86463.