Diaries & Journals: Why do People Still Use Paper?

Diaries & Journals: Why do People Still Use Paper?

Jan 09 , 2024

Matthew Lee

Tech companies have revolutionized our world with the invention of smartphones. We could do without TVs, laptops, watches, radio players, speakers, calendars and even paper simply because smartphones have everything built-in to its features. But why is there still a need for traditional paper diaries and journals? The rise of technology may have shifted the trend for writing mediums, but ideally, we would want a world that recognises and balances the use of both electronic and physical media in a way that enhances our needs. Digital can be a worry-free medium to go about your ways in quicktime. Writing by hand, however, might just be the tool to cultivate a sense of calmness in your daily life. Here, we’ll look at the appeal of owning a diary or journal and find out if having one could be beneficial for you.

The Pluses of Paper

Paper is an accessible, cheaper, and more natural way to take notes than on a computer or tablet.
The advantages of paper over the digital medium are many. Paper is more flexible and can be folded and flipped back and forth without damaging the page – a natural feel that electronics lack. It's also cheaper than electronic devices, which are expensive to buy in the first place and then require updates every couple of years. And it ages well when kept properly; old notebooks can be passed on for generations or even centuries with little wear-and-tear. The natural aging also provides a unique window into the past and a cherished memento for anyone inheriting essentially a period of life recorded on paper.

The Novelty of a Paper Diary

Diaries and journals have been around for centuries but what is the key difference between the two? For one, diaries are often written in chronological order. Journals are usually written with no particular order at all. Some people use diaries to keep track of their day-to-day activities and feelings while others use journals for therapeutic purposes.

There are many different types of diaries and journals that one can choose from. The most popular is the traditional style, which is usually bound by a cover with paper pages inside. The type of cover you choose will depend on what you want it to represent or how you want it to feel when you hold it in your hands. For example, if you're looking for something simple and minimalistic then leather might be the best choice for you. Ultimately, your diary should reflect your personality. If there’s ever an accurate version of you, that diary in your possession is enough to say it all.

Benefits of Owning a Diary or Journal

The biggest appeal of all is the practice of writing by hand. Owning a diary is a more personal and intimate way to express thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is also calming to write on paper than on a digital screen. Furthermore, writing by hand can improve memory skills, reduce stress and even help with depression. When we write by hand, we are forced to slow down and think about what we are writing. This helps us organise our thoughts and make sure they're coherent before committing them to paper.

Keeping a diary or journal is an important tool for self-reflection and can be an important source of inspiration. Perhaps, the digital age has dulled your senses and a revival is needed with a proper diary or journal to express the chaos trapped in your mind.

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