Secrets to better grades

Secrets to better grades

Sep 08 , 2021

collinsdebden-uk-demo Admin

We’ve heard it all before: Not enough time, too much work piling up, endless projects to submit, can’t seem to keep up with lectures…

Honest truth is, nobody (like nobody) ever gets that smart without the right bit of attitude and self-discipline because, in order to score smart, you have to play smart. Confidence doesn't appear overnight and in order to build that inner desire to succeed in studying, motivation and a solid plan will go a long way.

Balance Schedule vs Agenda

In order to find the perfect balance, get your notebook out and start drawing a master schedule. This will give you a good overview of how you want to both tackle your subjects, as well as finding the time with your family and friends. Have the discipline to stick to it and make smart tweaks along the way.

One good way to tackle this is to treat yourself to the dashing colours of the Amara diary, all armed with elastic closure, ribbon marker, and lay-flat opening features. Just when you think the momentum is turning a bit dull, the bright designs of Tulips, Dots, and Waves will surely brighten up your day.